About Us

Mintmesh is a platform for crowd sourcing referrals from their trusted networks to solve needs and problems. Users can actively engage with their network to provide referrals and be rewarded.

Our Vision is Simple – Creating the World’s Largest Referral Network


Our mission is to help users get personalized referrals from a trusted network to solve their problems.


We leverage technology to provide an online platform for members to seek or provide referrals and create value from their network.

Values and Philosophy


Teamwork is everything. We celebrate diverse opinions and perspectives, communicate openly with each other and collaborate actively to solve problems. We believe, our team extends out to our dedicated global member base of enthusiastic users.


Integrity is the cornerstone of every action we take. Our word is our bond. We strive to demonstrate a consistency of character that is transparent, genuine, trustworthy and respectful.


We absolutely love what we do. We relentlessly challenge ourselves to develop the next best thing and this shows in our constant encouragement to dream and be eternally curious.