It’s one of the most underrated forms of wealth we seem to forget about; a simple concept, an easy-to-remember philosophy that can launch your business to new heights. And yet, millions of would-be entrepreneurs are blatantly missing it each and every single day. No, it’s not something you’re going to find on the market and no, it’s not hidden somewhere in your marketing scheme. It’s sitting right in front of you. It’s called a good network.


Believe it or not, your net worth could multiply with it. The people who know what you can do; what you’re capable of, where your talent lies, what kind of value you can add to the marketplace. The more people who know what kind of professional you are or what kind of business you own, the more money could flow into your pocket. It’s not a complicated algorithm of marketing funnels or slick words you rehearsed at night. Sometimes it’s a simple referral; a word of mouth tip from someone who needs your services. It can be the difference between breakthrough and breakdown.


That’s why we are dedicated to the power of the referral. We want people to know that you are amazing at what you do; we want you to find the people who are willing to pay what you are worth. Meet a successful freelance writer; an exceptional consultant or incredible public speaker and more than likely, you’ll find someone who has a solid network. Whether you’re looking to build up more followers on your social network of choice or looking to build more meaningful interpersonal relationships, we are dedicated to helping you effectively create more mutually beneficial relationships.


Believe it or not, there’s an incredible space for you to build, even in today’s seemingly clogged internet marketplace. Statistics are showing that people are most definitely willing to talk – and listen. Some Statistics indicate that, every single day more than 2.4 million brand related conversations are had in the United States. And the New York Times mentions that a whopping 65% of a company’s new business comes from referrals. That number is only projected to grow in the space of evolving social media and video communication.


While technology and gadgets continue to blow our minds; changing as fast as the next twitter statement, there are things that continue to stay the same. The best website in the world can’t outmatch the value of having a good name. Put your good name in the hands of people who want to spread the word. Powering word of mouth with technology making it available anytime, everywhere will change the game of referrals in the marketplace. Many new tools are making significant inroads in this area. There are large players like Linkedin and Facebook that touch this on the periphery and there are new disrupters like MintMesh that directly address the referral marketplace. All in all, it is an exciting time for both ends of the spectrum, those asking for referrals and those making one.