Harness thePower of Your Workforce

Use your employees as force multipliers in the battle for talent. Complement your recruiter’s ability to search for talent by making every employee a talent scout.

50% Cost Savings

The cost to hire an employee via referrals is 50% less than through other channels in tangible currency costs. When you factor in reduction in revenue leakage, the benefits are much greater.

2X faster to hire

Simply using referrals to hire will get you reliable candidates at least twice as fast as the next best source.

40% higher Retention

New hires that come via referrals stay 40% longer at companies as measured over a 2 year period. This translates into huge cost savings for a position.

Demonstrably higher Quality

Employees generally tend to refer candidates of high quality and those that they are comfortable with. This translates to high organizational affinity for a referred incoming employee.

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Employees can check for statuses of their referrals
at all times, keeping them actively engaged in the process.

MintMesh provides instant gratification methods and an ability to shape
the referral rewards, Thus improving employee engagement.

MintMesh seamlessly Integrates with all Social networking platforms

Reduce the number of down-selected profiles by using automation to screen and more.

Built for the mobile and the post-mobile app world. Referrals can be done
by any targeted talent community, not just employees.

Build relationships with candidates, keep them engaged and track their interests.

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See how Mintmesh’s Platform solutions for Dynamic Talent Planning with Built in Employee Referral Self Sourcing , and Purpose driven HR Analytics can help your organization save costs and make money.

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