Business is about trust. If you have trust you are far more likely to succeed.


Building a small business can seem a daunting task. Whether the business is based on technology, product manufacture or selling a service, ultimately the strength of the business is the people who drive the company and work there on a day to day basis. Today, a multitude of communication methods are available to a business person for making potential customers aware of the existence of the business.


Email campaigns, websites, social media, print media etc. are all excellent ways of assisting in creating that higher profile. They can carry good information, have appealing graphics and can draw attention in the way that they are designed to. Unfortunately, they all have one failing in common and that is that they lack the human element that is an essential part of this communication.


Small business models work well when cold calling is supplemented by warm calling. Introducing positive bias to any decision making is perhaps the most effective way to increase sales. This brings us to the question of trust and relaibility.


It is a given that ,future customers are far more likely to be receptive to a business proposition when it has been referred by a satisfied customer that they trust. The trust is already there, it does not need to be created. In other words, this trusted network has created good conditions for this method that we call ” warm calls”. Small businesses will do very well if they can utilize this rich resource of referrals from trusted, satisfied customers