With the technology these days changing at such a rapid speed, business owners need to keep up with latest advances to keep their business growing. Ever hear of the saying “A happy customer is a happy referral”? Well it’s true! Customers who are fully satisfied with their services are more than happy to recommend a business to their friends and family because they want them to feel the same joy they felt when there. Back in the days when computers and phones were not as advanced, people used the old method of referral called word to mouth referrals. Although this really was a great method back then for business owners to attract more customers, with the competition getting stronger these days it’s best to always stay on the top of your game.


Nowadays, the competition does everything they can to attract customers to their business. This means you have to work a bit harder to market your business and attract those customers to you. However, going back to those happy referrals, how easy would it be if there was an app that made it so easy and quick to provide and ask for referrals? With as simple as 3 clicks, MintMesh has created just that! With the responsibilities of our everyday life we don’t need things that are going to complicate the way we get things done.


With all the social media sites out there these days like Linkedin and Facebook, it’s kind of hard to not run into reviews and blogs on different businesses. Like we mentioned earlier, the technology is much more advanced now then it was 10 years ago. If someone is looking to go to places such as a restaurant, a hotel, or even a car dealership, the first thing they do is go check out the reviews. That can really determine whether they go to their local business or drive out of their way to a place with great reviews on the products and services. We tend to take into consideration what others have to say about a place specially is we haven’t tried it for ourselves.


Let’s face it, there’s no way to have a business in the 21st century without having online exposure, whether it be good or bad. It’s such a normal thing now to write about our experience from a service we received, so why not make this process smoother? With this new app, even the shiest people out there can still voice out their preferences without having to personally put themselves out there, it’s all done safely and professionally online!