Our IntegratedApproach

Total integration is the key operative word here. Combine it with simplicity and a modern user interface to achieve your objectives faster and better.

40% Less Leakage

Get the resource onboard quickly by planning effectively and reduce revenue leakage from missed billing opportunities.

75% Cost Savings

Scientific planning of demand and advance availability of demand signals reduce employee holding cost , and ensures that projects can be run on schedule and avoid cost over-runs.

50% Better Skills Mix

Knowing your organizations skills mix provides leverage for you in the marketplace and helps you invest in new skills.

Improve Operations

Timely signals to the supply channels ensures advance information of sourcing intent,  to plan ahead and fulfill operational goals effectively.

Explore All Features

Labor Forecast| Integrate with CRM Systems | Predictive Intelligence

Demand  Creation | Pipeline Management| Source Selection

Resource Requirements | Position Creation and Approval | Pyramid Exception Flags

Search and Match Resources | AI driven Confidence Scoring | Available Talent Marketplace | Skills Management

Campus Recruitment | Internal Career Mobility | Social Recruiting | Mass Recruitment

Talent Room | Supply Intelligence | Candidate Curation

Want to better understand the platform?

See how Mintmesh’s Platform solutions for Dynamic Talent Planning with Built in Employee Referral Self Sourcing , and Purpose driven HR Analytics can help your organization save costs and make money.

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