We have many of our friends asking us about what MintMesh can do. Here’s a brief intro.


Imagine a global network of people that could always recommend the right people for , a service, a business opportunity, a job, really anything. The MintMesh mobile app does just that. The way the app works is very simple! The requester opens the app and submits a request. They can set a reward. The referrers are folks within the trusted network of the requestor. They get a notification about a new request to act on it. This way the requester gets a good referral and the referrer makes cash and goodwill for making the connection happen.


The more referrals one makes on MintMesh, the more points you make in addition to cash. The significance of these points is immense. Higher the points, higher is the position of influence of the referrer in their network. This means that every reference they provide carries so much more importance. The benefits extend to the people who are part of that referrer’s network.


There are times when a referrer themselves might need a particular person for an opportunity. In such instances, the ‘Quid Pro Quo’ concept comes in handy. When a referrer refers a person, the satisfied requester might prove to be a worthy asset later, by recommending somebody relevant for the referrer. This give and take mentality is fostered by the goodwill that develops in the community.


The app works seamlessly. New requests submitted by requesters are available to their trusted network immediately. The sign up process is uncomplicated and is designed to onboard members easily. The unique thing about MintMesh is the human touch and the human opinion that ensures,right connections are being made with personalized introductions. This is something that businesses and industries will always respect and value. They understand that MintMesh provides something quite unlike what a job portal or other networks can. Due to these reasons, referrers can become important in a particular industry or a bunch of them. The possibilities are limitless!