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Derive useful insights from reams of data that provide you with action plans. Dashboards are strategically embedded throughout your process flow for decision support.

Diversity and Inclusion Analytics

Specially designed dashboards that use multiple data points from the Mintmesh System and HCM systems that seek to help you meet your D&I plans.

Flight Risk Analysis

Using advanced statistical models and multiple data points from different systems, our flight risk indicator can provide you with a detailed view of those at risk of leaving.

Social Media Analytics

Data derived from the Mintmesh system and your ATS or VMS system is used by these dashboards to show you meaningful actionable data about your social media performance and how your workforce is reacting to your social media campaigns

Labor Strategy Analytics

When should you borrow, when should you hire, these are all good questions that challenge any organization. Labor optimization and workforce strategy are greatly served by our Labor Strategy Analytics

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Eliminating bias based on gender, race and other parameters is critical to maintaining a diverse and motivated workforce. Reduce compliance and diversity risks by using our D&I dashboards

Nirvanas Attrition modeler gives  insights into the top factors influencing voluntary leavers and predicts the probability of employees attrition.

Nirvana Social Analytics gives you insights in to your social media reach and different dimensions of workforce engagement and campaign effectiveness

Identify the optimal Labor strategy using Nirvana Labor Strategy Analytics. giving you insights in to whether to Buy, Borrow or Build your resource base.

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See how Mintmesh’s Platform solutions for Dynamic Talent Planning with Built in Employee Referral Self Sourcing , and Purpose driven HR Analytics can help your organization save costs and make money.

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