AI Powered Shortlisting

Use AI driven shortlisting to select candidates from a large talent pool. You could see a savings of more than 90% of your time browsing through resumes and profiles for the right fit. Train your own machine model, to remember your choices and priorities while selecting good candidates.

50% Lower Costs

Use our low cost built-in service to store your resumes. Drag and drop resumes from any source, and the machine will read  the document, classify it, sort and store it for your use. Take advantage of our free tier to maximize your benefits.

90% Faster to Shortlist

Save time and money by training your model, and then letting the trained machine work for you. You will save over 90% of your time that you would otherwise have spent in matching, ranking and scoring resources.

80% Better Results

Our smart search algorithm will save you lots of time in looking for suitable candidates in your repository. Our Artificial Intelligence system will  pre -classify and tag your documents. These search results are stored as favorites for future use.

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Each user is provided their personal machine learning model. Users can begin to train the model with existing resumes. The machine learns from your habits and methods to use them to help you search and match suitable candidates

Users can simply drag and drop resumes  into the Document Processor. The processor reads each document, classifies them and stores them in your secure personal digital room.

The trained model begins to look for resumes that are nearest in characteristics to your Job requirements. Additionally, the model will also invoke the similarity engine to determine nearness scores versus a baseline. The master algorithm uses these results as input to rank and score candidates.

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See how Mintmesh’s AI  Powered Intelligent Task Automation  can help you optimize time, get better results, faster and save money.

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