Your personal network contains a wealth of possibilities. Why not use a lifetime of connections to support you and your friends. Consider your every connection as an asset born out of your willingness to work hard to build and cultivate long term friendships.


As someone once said, valuable is a referral from someone that you have serviced before and invaluable are referrals from one’s trusted friend or a trusted influencer. MintMesh has been carefully crafted to provide this experience. We make referrals easy and fun to do.



When you use MintMesh, you are effectively putting your network to valuable use. Opportunities abound for you ,to use your network to generate great value, both as someone providing a referral or some one seeking referrals. Your value lies in knowing that you are supporting your friends and establishing your worth as a trusted partner for your friends in need. MintMesh has been designed to provide tangible contours to this gratification. As you engage with the app, and start making referrals, you begin to accrue Status points that project your profile to the community. Your journey to MintMesh’s Hall of Fame as a referrer of note, could open more doors within your network and beyond as a trusted and important voice of endorsement.


One good deed deserves another. Human Behavior predicates us to view those that have helped us ,favorably. This is especially true in the referral world. If you have supported your friend’s request, you have a more than even chance of being helped by this friend in return. MintMesh provides a range of analytics and tracking utilities to ensure that these requests live long enough in the digital world. You can always look back at older transactions to seek referrals from a friend that you had once supported.