The opposite of complex


Our Integrated Approach

Total integration is the key operative word here. Combine it with simplicity and a modern user interface to achieve your objectives faster and better. Be it Field services, Professional services, Hospitality services or Industrial services, become agile and effective with our workforce management solution.

Demand Creation

  • Resource Requirements
  • Position Creation and Approval
  • Pyramid Exception Flags

Resource Management

  • Search and Match Resources
  • AI driven Confidence Scoring
  • Available Talent Marketplace
  • Skills Management


  • Campus Recruitment
  • Internal Career Mobility
  • Social Recruiting
  • Mass Recruitment

Just In Time Hiring

  • Create Real Time Resource Requirements based on Demand
  • Plan ahead and Create Positions with Dynamic Workflow
  • Track Candidates from within the application

Efficient Workforce Alignment

  • Align Resources to Demand
  • Quickly Reconfigure Your Team Composition
  • Configure your Own Resource Pyramid and Track Exceptions

Optimized Skills Availability

  • Know your Resource
  • Plan for Skills in Demand
  • Initiate Reskilling or Upskilling Plans

Unified Talent Sourcing

  • One click to generate new Job Requisitions
  • Social Recruiting
  • Campus Hires
  • Mass Recruitment
  • Screening Automation

Seamless Web and Mobile App

Employees can update their Profile in less than 30 Seconds


Optimum planning of workforce reduces employee cost , thus increasing the margin

Timely Hiring reduces holding cost and improves company’s profitability

Knowing your organizations skills mix provides leverage for you in the marketplace and helps you invest in new skills.