Recruit in Large Numbers Without the Cost


Achieve Massive Reach and Make it Simple

Take the stress out of organizing massive recruitment events. Be it Campus hiring, hiring veterans or hiring large pools of resources, make the events digitally and spread the word virally using your own social network or the network of your employees and others.

Create Meaningful Campaigns

  • Create your own campaigns, publish at will
  • Publish this digitally
  • Use embedded online videos to make your pitch

Campus and Veteran Hiring Process

Campus and Veteran Hiring

  • Engage digitally with College Campus officers for Campus hiring
  • Create Veteran campaign events and publish them to specific Veteran networks

Social Sharing

  • Share requests digitally on the world wide web
  • Enable Viral re-sharing of campaign details

Multiple Scheduling

  • Create multiple schedules for automatic event initiation at defined periods

Manage Responses

  • Manage Responses
  • Use automation for pre screening


Lower Cost

Eliminate the need for costly on premise visits for initial contact

Strategic Engagement

Analyze responses and engage with shortlisted resources directly