A nebulous idea was waiting to take shape. From a discussion about the usefulness of social networks, it led to a rather more animated conversation of how, large social networks were making so much money on the back of our content. Granted, these applications were providing interesting services, but ordinary users were being completely excluded from any tangible value that it could generate as an asset. We thought about turning this approach right on its head. We were convinced that we needed to democratize this experience and provide users more control on how to monetize this extremely valuable asset- our connections. As we were mulling over it, unbeknown to us, one of our soon to be partners, was exploring a means to use her network to gather references for a product. A perfect storm was born. We explored the market place for any effective application that could be relied on to provide personalized references and came across imperfect solutions to this age old problem. Wasting no time, we went to work on this idea of a personalized referral offering that made money for you, using your network connections.


From here to the drawing board and then on to the programming board was an exciting journey. Encouragement from family and friends, their critical feedback and overwhelming support meant that we saw our dream take off and here we are with MintMesh – an app with a difference. This app lets you set and earn value from your precious asset- your network. Candidly, we wanted to blur the artificial distinction between professional and social friends. One can argue that there are nuances in the quality of relationship that you have with social and professional friends, but in the broader aspect of nurturing this asset, we did not see a difference. We believed that the reason, a person makes it to your contact book is because you know them well, seemingly enough to recommend or not recommend them to another friend.


From here was born MintMesh, the referral network application that would be an online, ready anywhere, ready anytime tool to ask and give referrals.