A nebulous idea was waiting to take shape. From a discussion about the usefulness of social networks, it led to a rather more animated conversation of how, large social networks were making so much money on the back of our content. Granted, these applications were providing interesting services, but ordinary users were being completely excluded from any tangible value that it could generate as an asset. We thought about turning this approach right on its head. We were convinced that we needed to democratize this experience and provide users more control on how to monetize this extremely valuable asset- our connections. As we were mulling over it, unbeknown to us, one of our soon to be partners, was exploring a means to use her network to gather references for a product. A perfect storm was born. We explored the market place for any effective application that could be relied on to provide personalized references and came across imperfect solutions to this age old problem. Wasting no time, we went to work on this idea of a personalized referral offering that made money for you, using your network connections.


From here to the drawing board and then on to the programming board was an exciting journey. Encouragement from family and friends, their critical feedback and overwhelming support meant that we saw our dream take off and here we are with MintMesh – an app with a difference. This app lets you set and earn value from your precious asset- your network. Candidly, we wanted to blur the artificial distinction between professional and social friends. One can argue that there are nuances in the quality of relationship that you have with social and professional friends, but in the broader aspect of nurturing this asset, we did not see a difference. We believed that the reason, a person makes it to your contact book is because you know them well, seemingly enough to recommend or not recommend them to another friend.


From here was born MintMesh, the referral network application that would be an online, ready anywhere, ready anytime tool to ask and give referrals.


Your personal network contains a wealth of possibilities. Why not use a lifetime of connections to support you and your friends. Consider your every connection as an asset born out of your willingness to work hard to build and cultivate long term friendships.


As someone once said, valuable is a referral from someone that you have serviced before and invaluable are referrals from one’s trusted friend or a trusted influencer. MintMesh has been carefully crafted to provide this experience. We make referrals easy and fun to do.



When you use MintMesh, you are effectively putting your network to valuable use. Opportunities abound for you ,to use your network to generate great value, both as someone providing a referral or some one seeking referrals. Your value lies in knowing that you are supporting your friends and establishing your worth as a trusted partner for your friends in need. MintMesh has been designed to provide tangible contours to this gratification. As you engage with the app, and start making referrals, you begin to accrue Status points that project your profile to the community. Your journey to MintMesh’s Hall of Fame as a referrer of note, could open more doors within your network and beyond as a trusted and important voice of endorsement.


One good deed deserves another. Human Behavior predicates us to view those that have helped us ,favorably. This is especially true in the referral world. If you have supported your friend’s request, you have a more than even chance of being helped by this friend in return. MintMesh provides a range of analytics and tracking utilities to ensure that these requests live long enough in the digital world. You can always look back at older transactions to seek referrals from a friend that you had once supported.


It’s one of the most underrated forms of wealth we seem to forget about; a simple concept, an easy-to-remember philosophy that can launch your business to new heights. And yet, millions of would-be entrepreneurs are blatantly missing it each and every single day. No, it’s not something you’re going to find on the market and no, it’s not hidden somewhere in your marketing scheme. It’s sitting right in front of you. It’s called a good network.


Believe it or not, your net worth could multiply with it. The people who know what you can do; what you’re capable of, where your talent lies, what kind of value you can add to the marketplace. The more people who know what kind of professional you are or what kind of business you own, the more money could flow into your pocket. It’s not a complicated algorithm of marketing funnels or slick words you rehearsed at night. Sometimes it’s a simple referral; a word of mouth tip from someone who needs your services. It can be the difference between breakthrough and breakdown.


That’s why we are dedicated to the power of the referral. We want people to know that you are amazing at what you do; we want you to find the people who are willing to pay what you are worth. Meet a successful freelance writer; an exceptional consultant or incredible public speaker and more than likely, you’ll find someone who has a solid network. Whether you’re looking to build up more followers on your social network of choice or looking to build more meaningful interpersonal relationships, we are dedicated to helping you effectively create more mutually beneficial relationships.


Believe it or not, there’s an incredible space for you to build, even in today’s seemingly clogged internet marketplace. Statistics are showing that people are most definitely willing to talk – and listen. Some Statistics indicate that, every single day more than 2.4 million brand related conversations are had in the United States. And the New York Times mentions that a whopping 65% of a company’s new business comes from referrals. That number is only projected to grow in the space of evolving social media and video communication.


While technology and gadgets continue to blow our minds; changing as fast as the next twitter statement, there are things that continue to stay the same. The best website in the world can’t outmatch the value of having a good name. Put your good name in the hands of people who want to spread the word. Powering word of mouth with technology making it available anytime, everywhere will change the game of referrals in the marketplace. Many new tools are making significant inroads in this area. There are large players like Linkedin and Facebook that touch this on the periphery and there are new disrupters like MintMesh that directly address the referral marketplace. All in all, it is an exciting time for both ends of the spectrum, those asking for referrals and those making one.


With the technology these days changing at such a rapid speed, business owners need to keep up with latest advances to keep their business growing. Ever hear of the saying “A happy customer is a happy referral”? Well it’s true! Customers who are fully satisfied with their services are more than happy to recommend a business to their friends and family because they want them to feel the same joy they felt when there. Back in the days when computers and phones were not as advanced, people used the old method of referral called word to mouth referrals. Although this really was a great method back then for business owners to attract more customers, with the competition getting stronger these days it’s best to always stay on the top of your game.


Nowadays, the competition does everything they can to attract customers to their business. This means you have to work a bit harder to market your business and attract those customers to you. However, going back to those happy referrals, how easy would it be if there was an app that made it so easy and quick to provide and ask for referrals? With as simple as 3 clicks, MintMesh has created just that! With the responsibilities of our everyday life we don’t need things that are going to complicate the way we get things done.


With all the social media sites out there these days like Linkedin and Facebook, it’s kind of hard to not run into reviews and blogs on different businesses. Like we mentioned earlier, the technology is much more advanced now then it was 10 years ago. If someone is looking to go to places such as a restaurant, a hotel, or even a car dealership, the first thing they do is go check out the reviews. That can really determine whether they go to their local business or drive out of their way to a place with great reviews on the products and services. We tend to take into consideration what others have to say about a place specially is we haven’t tried it for ourselves.


Let’s face it, there’s no way to have a business in the 21st century without having online exposure, whether it be good or bad. It’s such a normal thing now to write about our experience from a service we received, so why not make this process smoother? With this new app, even the shiest people out there can still voice out their preferences without having to personally put themselves out there, it’s all done safely and professionally online!


Business is about trust. If you have trust you are far more likely to succeed.


Building a small business can seem a daunting task. Whether the business is based on technology, product manufacture or selling a service, ultimately the strength of the business is the people who drive the company and work there on a day to day basis. Today, a multitude of communication methods are available to a business person for making potential customers aware of the existence of the business.


Email campaigns, websites, social media, print media etc. are all excellent ways of assisting in creating that higher profile. They can carry good information, have appealing graphics and can draw attention in the way that they are designed to. Unfortunately, they all have one failing in common and that is that they lack the human element that is an essential part of this communication.


Small business models work well when cold calling is supplemented by warm calling. Introducing positive bias to any decision making is perhaps the most effective way to increase sales. This brings us to the question of trust and relaibility.


It is a given that ,future customers are far more likely to be receptive to a business proposition when it has been referred by a satisfied customer that they trust. The trust is already there, it does not need to be created. In other words, this trusted network has created good conditions for this method that we call ” warm calls”. Small businesses will do very well if they can utilize this rich resource of referrals from trusted, satisfied customers


We have many of our friends asking us about what MintMesh can do. Here’s a brief intro.


Imagine a global network of people that could always recommend the right people for , a service, a business opportunity, a job, really anything. The MintMesh mobile app does just that. The way the app works is very simple! The requester opens the app and submits a request. They can set a reward. The referrers are folks within the trusted network of the requestor. They get a notification about a new request to act on it. This way the requester gets a good referral and the referrer makes cash and goodwill for making the connection happen.


The more referrals one makes on MintMesh, the more points you make in addition to cash. The significance of these points is immense. Higher the points, higher is the position of influence of the referrer in their network. This means that every reference they provide carries so much more importance. The benefits extend to the people who are part of that referrer’s network.


There are times when a referrer themselves might need a particular person for an opportunity. In such instances, the ‘Quid Pro Quo’ concept comes in handy. When a referrer refers a person, the satisfied requester might prove to be a worthy asset later, by recommending somebody relevant for the referrer. This give and take mentality is fostered by the goodwill that develops in the community.


The app works seamlessly. New requests submitted by requesters are available to their trusted network immediately. The sign up process is uncomplicated and is designed to onboard members easily. The unique thing about MintMesh is the human touch and the human opinion that ensures,right connections are being made with personalized introductions. This is something that businesses and industries will always respect and value. They understand that MintMesh provides something quite unlike what a job portal or other networks can. Due to these reasons, referrers can become important in a particular industry or a bunch of them. The possibilities are limitless!