Intelligent Task Automation Software for Professionals

Mintmesh’s Intelligent Task Automation Software provides targeted support to professionals  for specific time-consuming tasks. With its built in, training module, Rudy has been trained for industry specific and community specific tasks that are important, repetitive, boring and take up a lot of productive time.





Artificial intelligence  algorithms and Machine learning functions drive Rudy and it’s trained models. Key features include the ability to retrain the model for specific tasks with full automation.Bias elimination and Anomaly detection are built into each of the professional assistants as their core features. Professionals from each community get targeted task automation support with these pre-trained AI models.



Dynamic Talent Planning is designed to support the objective of getting a right resource at the right time for the right cost. Begin using workforce forecasts to create demand plans for sourcing channels and track it to its completion.


Self Sourcing using referrals with our Employee Referral Management Solution


Self Sourcing Using Campaigns.


Analytics and Insights that are designed to be action oriented. Explore, out of the box solutions for diversity hiring , veterans outreach effectiveness, flight risk, social media effectiveness and labor strategy.

AI Powered Intelligent Task Automation

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning power task automation that is industry specific and domain driven. Professional communities can leverage pre-trained industry specific and task oriented models.

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Dynamic Talent Planning

With connected workforce forecasting and demand planning, Mintmesh’s Dynamic Talent Planning solution  provides an organization with tremendous flexibility and speed to optimize their workforce strategy to meet changing market needs.

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Self Sourcing with Referrals

Referral Process Automation and Employee Referral Management

Self Source your way to success. Recharge your talent pools by harnessing your workforce’s network. Referral Automation is the quickest and most cost efficient way to source good candidates

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Self Sourcing with Campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to Self Source your talent Pools. All it needs is a powerful message, a good contact network, an active social network and the Mintmesh Solution to make it go viral.

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MintMesh Nirvana Analytics

PurposeBuilt, Persona Driven HR Analytics

Analytics that not just inform but provide you actionable insights. Be it diversity hiring,  veteran’s outreach effectiveness or risk of attrition, there is an actionable dashboard for it. Embedded into the process workflow are decision instruments that seek to inform and make you act.

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