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How It Works


Discover talent by using quickly deployed micro sites, the social media and referrals


Nurture talent with interesting content, event notifications, coaching and continuous interaction


Make quick matches when active jobs are published and use the talent pool to hire qualified candidates faster using AI based search and match functions.

Actionable Insights for Recruiters

Intuitive Dashboard with Quick View of Employee Engagement

Detailed Effectiveness analysis of each Talent Sourcing channel- Microsites, Referrals or Social Media

Available Analytics to support Compliance and HR policies

Built for the Mobile

Modern user interface with built in gratification and gamification

Employees can share jobs and crowd source referrals from their social network

Resumes can be attached directly from the mobile


Drive ROI

Improve Productivity, Reduce Cost & Time to Hire

Boost your Brand Image

Access to a large talent pool to create increased brand awareness

Improve Employee Engagement

Engage your employees better. Gamify your Referral program and Reward employees

Target the Right Audience

Flexibility in defining the audience for engagement

Improve Talent Pipeline

Build a strong pipeline of qualified candidates by identifying, nurturing and engaging candidates

Discover the Best Fit

AI driven screening automation to discover the best fit

Increase Transparency

Keep your candidates informed at every step to improve engagement

Go Mobile

MintMesh mobile app and mobile web pages keeps your users engaged and interested in your organization

Integrate with any Talent Management Software